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Onward & Upward! We’ve moved to BIGGER and BETTER space!

Onward & Upward! We’ve moved to BIGGER and BETTER space! by Tom Sciacca{Read in 4 minutes}  As an attorney, I pride myself on the service and experience I deliver to my clients. I remind myself constantly that law is a service industry and that my clients have a choice among attorneys — I am always flattered when a client chooses me over the thousands of other options they have. But as much as my abilities, service, and staff provide part of the client experience, the physical space in which my firm maintains offices ensures a warm, welcoming, and safe environment for my clients to discuss their important — and often personal — matters with me.

When my firm and I celebrated our tenth anniversary last year, I blogged about the journey — a lot of which included the physical space in which my staff and I sat and served my clients. When I first opened the doors of my firm in 2007, I sat in a single room at 40 Exchange Place; the building was right across from five very glamorous dumpsters that seemed to be permanently parked on the street for the seemingly ongoing construction in the Financial District (three of them are still there to this day, and I gaze upon them with fond reminiscence when I have occasion to walk by).

From there, I moved to 44 Wall Street in March 2009, which has been our home until now. We started out with two cubicles, then a cubicle and an office, then an office and two cubicles — always growing, but always trying to keep the costs of office space down so we can ensure our ability to provide legal services at reasonable prices.

After eight years on the 10th floor, we moved up to temporary quarters on the 12th floor while searching for the right space to serve as our long-term home. 44 Wall has been a good home to our firm and we will miss it: the friendly staff, the professional and welcoming space to meet with clients, and of course the non-stop parade of New Yorkers and tourists alike taking pictures of themselves flipping off the Trump building next door (which continues to amuse me, for all the obvious reasons).

In April 2018, I signed a long-term lease for new offices located at One Liberty Plaza. Not only are these offices larger and more modern, but the building itself has an interesting and storied history. Also known as 165 Broadway, the building is directly across the street from the Fulton Street transit hub, serving all major downtown subway lines.

It is my hope that I will continue to serve my clients in this new space for years to come — after all, it is my clients who help my business thrive and allow me to keep upgrading the space in which we serve them.

Thank you to all my clients, referral sources, supporters, and cheerleaders who keep enabling us to climb that ladder; I am both honored and humbled. If you haven’t been to our offices in awhile and would like to stop by, give us a call — we’d love to see you and show off the new space!

Finally, please remember to update your address books: our new office address is as follows (telephone, fax, and e-mail contact information all remain the same).

Law Offices of Thomas Sciacca, PLLC
1 Liberty Plaza – Ste. 2300
New York, NY 10006-1432