Law Offices Of Thomas Sciacca, PLLC

Surrogate’s Court Proceedings

We also represent Executors, Administrators, Beneficiaries, Distributees, and Creditors of estates and trusts when issues arise.

These services include:

  • Representing the nominated Executor when an interested party challenges a Will
  • Representing interested parties in challenging a Will
  • Actions by family members and beneficiaries to remove an Executor, Administrator, or Trustee for misconduct
  • Motions by Administrators, Executors, and Trustees to resign Voluntary and Compulsory Accountings
  • Representing Executors and Administrators when attempting to recover the assets of the decedent
  • Representing beneficiaries when attempting to recover assets from an Executor, Administrator, or Trustee
  • Resolution of disputes between Trustees and beneficiaries concerning discretionary and mandatory payments
  • Kinship hearings to demonstrate that an individual is a family member with inheritance rights
  • Proceedings to create Supplemental Needs Trusts in order to preserve government entitlements for disabled beneficiaries